October 5th, 2014

Fate/Stay Night :: Rin Half Smile
  • rashiea

. Lost & Found Week 40 .

This week we're looking for names. If you have any matching card name in your card post/trade pile (not masteries), link me to them and I'll give you more cards (1 random per match with a bonus cert if you get all 5)! More matches mean better prizes, but they must be found before Sunday, October 12th. You will not lose your existing cards for making these matches; you just gain more cards.

* Both members and moderators may participate
* One entry per week per person
* Do not cheat (claim all the cards yourself & give them to someone else to claim the same week for example)
* Please submit your found cards using the following format:
Card Post:
Found Cards:

1 match = 1 random card
2 matches = 2 random cards
3 matches = 3 random cards
4 matches = 4 random cards
5 matches = 5 random cards and a Rank C certificate